Itinerant early intervention behavior services in the public school to prevent the need for placement in more restrictive settings.

  • Non-public school services providing highly trained team of teachers and paraprofessionals who have worked together for the last 5-12 years.  We provide 1:4 staff student ratio with one teacher and 2 aides for each 12 students.
  • Behavior intervention services including functional analysis of behavior, positive programming and case management by qualified and trained staff.  A structured behavior system using a supportive approach; clear, consistent, predictable expectations, hourly recording of behavior and crisis intervention.  The system is based on B.E.S.T. Practices, Reality Therapy (Glasser) and current research based behavior modification practices.
  • Individualized academic instruction in all curriculum areas based on Essential California Content Standards Social
  • Social skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills training infused in the curriculum.
  • Hands on independent living skills and pre-vocational training designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the community.  Activities include: community service, service learning and team building activities.
  • Transition services designed to enable students to transition back to their home school district or a less restrictive setting.
  • Daily contact with parents/ care provider to communicate information and progress.
  • Parent Training/ Love- Limits -and Responsibility