Who are we?

IEP School is a non-public school that provides educational services for children with intense needs.

Focusing on a consistent, holistic, intensive home and school behavior integration and training program, IEP’s highly trained staff provide children with the tools they need to feel safe and be successful.

What do we do?

Our goal is to provide successful outcomes by teaching children the skills needed to be reintegrated into a less restrictive setting and then supporting them throughout the transition process to ensure stability and success.

Our students and their families learn to replace ineffective behaviors with realistic and functional social skills that allow them to succeed in less restrictive or even mainstream environments. Parent training, transition services and behavior intervention response in their receiving schools are all part of the services provided by IEP School that allow us to achieve lasting outcomes.

How do we measure success?

Success means making significant long-term behavioral changes that will enable children to be successful in a less restrictive settings.  Using the RTI Model and our own database IEP EVALUATIONS, we effectively evaluate student behavior and readiness for transition.